I came across this saying today. It struck a cord with me or maybe a nerve that has been picked at over time more like it. Thought that is was worth sharing via my interpretation.

Life throws us in lots of expected and unexpected places and positions. I’m sure you are all just like me. Some we thrive on and some we do not like on any level but we are there in that time and place for such a purpose we do not yet have the foggiest idea what for. We may be elevated in that place or we may even be rejected and as much as we try and hide the rejection, it does hurt doesn’t it. Yet we carry on wondering, brushing off, pretending it didn’t matter. It changes who we are. In fact I’m sure you will agree everything changes who we are whether it be a good thing or a bad thing.  What happens to us is not always a choice but how we respond is.  Sometimes what someone tries to do or use to destroy us can actually be what we can grab hold of and use to develop us into better.  You and me personally get to make that decision.  I know from experience that being bitter just festers and expands within and causes your old self worth and worth of others to slowly decay so choosing to be better is grabbing that seed and choosing to make it a good thing.  We must go through these bitter times in order to appreciate the better.  I am responsible for me and my thoughts just as you are responsible for yours.  If mine are not good then not good comes out of that big fat mouth of mine but on the flip side, if the thoughts are good then words and actions easily slip out and my goodness, the smile on another persons face is enough to feed my love tank for a week. Today I choose Better not Bitter. To all those who I have allowed me to feel bitter…may no crabs go up your knickers, may no elastic break, may no bogey escape, may no traffic jam you for hours, may you find 100 note on the ground before me ..oops no take that one back… may you have a great day and may you feel Better