So I come home from a long day out. I have bought my favourite fish Gurnard from my favourite fish shop and slowly eat it on route. I pull up in my driveway and sit and think, yes, I will finish this yummy treat before I even get out of the car. Looking out the window from my fatty, deep fried fish heaven, I see our cat Diesel is also on the driveway having lunch. His meal has 4 wriggling legs albeit now suddenly 2.  I break another portion of fish and eat it while I take another sideway look at Diesel.  I am contemplating his meal and the life of the poor baby mouse and whether it was a quick death or did he torture it with little tosses and flicks letting it think it may be able to eventually escape. The headless legs still wriggling defy those thoughts of a quick end and reassure the latter. I try to comfort my thoughts with maybe it’s that “thing” they talk about that it is just your body twitching.  Watching Diesel chew in complete satisfaction I  realise my facials are from another planet and then I also realise that we are chewing in unison. NOm Nom NOm. The comparison I am making of my fish meal with his mouse meal is fast loosing the battle of satisfaction.  I slowly pop another piece into my mouth, hoping to change my chewing pattern as I watch the remnants slowly disappear from the outside. That’s it I’ve had enough. The visions are getting awful and I declare the cat has won. Thanks Diesel. Here have the rest of my fish.  I am no longer hungry.