Changing ones eating pattern is nothing short of sheer hard work. Give me a 9 to 5 job cleaning toilets any day instead of dye it ing.  Well maybe skip the toilet cleaning but there are a lot of things I’d rather do than what I have been doing for the last 3 days.  I have done the mental self talk.  I have recognised my measure by which I am using to tackle this hurdle and I am now embracing this Herbie journey.  I am not a happy camper but I am a determined albeit miserable, new active member of Herbalife.  I have been measured in embarrassing places on my body.  I have tried to suck it in as hard as I can but those skinny little measuring hands were taking too long so I thought oh what the heck, let it rip loose and what do you know, the minute I relaxed gravity took over. There stood the saggy baggy elephant.

“I am taking your measurements across the bust in line with the nipple” Shae says pulling out the tape to its max length.  “Umm honey, I haven’t seen them for years but I think they are under there somewhere, facing south” I snicker. Shae is delighted with my confessions.  I secretly hope she wets her pants with laughter so I can prove she is not perfect but she continues on her numerical challenge.  Large numbers are noted down till we are left with only one more event.  Hog tying me and putting me onto the scales.  I will confess to the weight but you will NEVER get me to admit to the measurements.  82kg and that is all you are getting……….So now I am on day 3 and my new weigh in and measurements are pending.  I must admit that it has not been as hard as I thought it would be.  Maybe that’s because I am in the right place in my mind and at the right place in my life and those two together gives one that “Oprah light bulb moment” when things suddenly click and actually work.  Some would say 30 years a little late but hey, I always say better late than never.  And if you can gleam something out of this and start years earlier than me then something positive can come out of an old fuddy duddys post.  I have also been very busy over this time, so I think that has a big part to play in my 3 day hopefully successful boast soon.  My Aunty sold her home and I have been there everyday helping with all sorts of skill levels on offer, helping where I can.    The weather has been extremely humid as well and my hair has been leaking all over my face, something shocking.  I don’t think I have ever leaked so much in all my life but secretly I am hoping it will aid in my weight loss.  Those scales are only hours away from hippopotamus torture so any leakage is deemed a weight loss advantage at this point so early in my challenge.  Shae has also been a tremendous part of the last 3 days  with daily check ups  and daily postings that encourage and keep me on track.  ( Happy Herbie World on Facebook)  She may be very young but is dedicated and not just sells the Herbalife but actively and daily communicates.  I need this as if you leave me alone  I will eventually wither, feel useless and then give up because we all have hiccups days and if there is no one to burp you, then its all over rover.  You must get family and friends around you to motivate and encourage you along what ever you are trying to achieve.  Most times we give this kind of help willingly to our children and forget that we ourselves need to take our own advice so Shae thank you and please keep kicking me forward into my own personal success……  Although this is a 3 day challenge I will continue for a few more weeks but right now my 3 days is up and it is numbers galore time.  I am so close to quitting as I love my food and I’m so over shakes to be brutally honest, so there had better be something to shout about….. The measurements are in….  Chest down 3cm waist down 8cm hips 1.5 and legs 1 …. I’m a little gobsmacked and so stoked. Hmm could I be stokesmacked.  My new word I just invented.   I didn’t expect those results even if I thought my clothes were fitting a little less under their normal pressure.  My weight comes in at 79.7 so that’s down 2.3kg … wozzer!!!   Mumma Hippo is thudding all over the place.   I may have to issue a tsunami alert.    These results give me the rear boot I need to keep going forward and persevere with my shakes twice a day and a healthy meal.  Shae is full of wonderful words and tells me she is so proud of me.  Gosh I feel like a little excited kid that has done her mummy proud.  My measure of cold turkey is working.  Watch this shrinking space……….