Seriously if you think I am going to eat sweet corn on any level then you better pack your bags and get out of my house right now. Me and corn do not go together anywhere or on anything. I do not like you whole or canned I do not like you in a Pan, I do not like you on my toast I do not like you in a roast… YOU GET THE PICTURE! But still she waves a corn bread wafer in my face. Brave cousin I have yet she is undeterred by the steam piling up ready to eject out of my nose. “Do you like pop corn?” “Of course I do. Who doesn’t like pop corn? What’s pop corn got to do with anything.” “What do you think this corn wafer is made out of?” “Durr must be corn because it’s got a picture of corn on the front” “Well yes that’s what it is made from and that’s what pop corn is made from so this tastes like pop corn” There appears to be quite a long time of silence while I comprehend the reality that sweet corn and pop corn are one and the same. Seriously! How could I heave so violently while holding my nose to make sweet corn go down yet inhale the popped variety via my mass suction technique. I’m feeling really stupid right about now and clearly showing my old age fuddy duddy ways. Now I have no choice but to say “fine I will try some”. She lathers peanut butter onto the round wafer and slices banana on top. That’s a weird combination but in faith I take it and take a bite. Oh my heavenly taste bud alert has been activated. This is sooooo divine. I do not manage to get many words out as I am too busy scoffing it down but I’m sure my eyes showed the happiness expression well. She informs me that these are a quick snack for when you are in a hurry or need a little energy boost and they don’t have many calories. I love peanut butter and the nuttier the better. I love bananas too and now I suddenly love this rice bread. Put them all together, I have a simple quick snack to add to my new evolving menu for morning or afternoon tea.. warning ..its how many you eat. Only 2 for a quick snack. 10 makes you a pig so don’t go there and no I haven’t ….