Grandchildren are the bestest thing.  I know bestest isn’t a word but I don’t care because there are no words to describe the joy of a grandchild.  I was out shopping with miss 7 and I needed a few items from the $2 shop so off we went.  As you know grandchildren can be a gorgeous handful in amongst their cuteness and especially while shopping for what you want.  If the trip is only about you then you can bet it will somehow be turned into an all about them excursion.  With the endless banter of Nana wow look at this, Nana wow look at that and then that repetitive , Nana, Nana, Nana, you can easily slip inside your head world where you can hear them but you are not really taking 100% notice.  Your head nods automatically or you accidentally say that’s nice dear without even looking or taking notice of that wondrous item they have suddenly discovered. Today I should have paid more notice of the wow what’s this Nana and what do you use it for Nana?  I slipped over too quickly today into that automated smile mode whilst trying to find an item I desperately needed.  The shop owner came over and not only found the item but gave me several choices.  While he was explaining the difference in my choices, miss 7, not only asked those questions repeatedly but started the tug.  You know that tug that you get when they know you are not listening.  It’s similar to the Nana Nana, Nana but a physical tug, tug, tug.    I’m pretty sure 30 seconds into the “tug” I told her to hang on a sec I’m talking to the man but this day that childs excited discovery should not have been ignored or denied the instant attention it needed, so therefore grandchild had no choice but to step up the tug a considerable notch.  I foolishly ignored it yet again.  My brain did not fathom the sheer urgency  until I realised the shop owner was smiling a little too much.  Body pushing and pulling was suddenly registering.  The tug was no longer offered but a new movement was full underway.  This movement could and would only cause nothing but pure embarrassment. Finally I jumped out of brain hiding and into the real world and I looked at the smiling way too much shop owner to the also smiling way too much grandchild only to have my own wondrous discovery.  She had a toilet plunger and was giving my boob a seriously wicked endless pumping and plunging session…..