Hubby sends me to get some oil and an air filter for my car so he can do the honours and change them both. He tells me strictly to get  a 20/40 oil so when the assistant gets the container saying 10/40 I start to panic that it is wrong. “I asked for 20/40 but you are trying to sell me 10/40,” to which he states they only have 10/40 or 15/40.  Numbers on any level give me a headache and also an instant urge to go buy chocolate to console the pending severity of that headache so I try to  understand in order for that headache to not be so severe“What is the 40 for anyway?” I ask pretending to care to which he explains that it is the thickness of the oil when heated in the vehicle.  I ring hubby to double check that 10/40 is okay and get his assurance. He does not understand that I am trying to relay what I have been told as its coming via female language so I ask the assistant while hubby is deciphering, so what is the 10 in front of the 40 for?  He explains,  “It’s the pre state ie cold.”   HERE COMES MY LIGHTBULB MOMENT which accidently comes out of my head and into the verbal open   “Ohhh” I go, That’s kind of like me. 10 being before I eat dinner and the 40 being after dinner.”

It took the assistant 5 minutes to walk back to the counter as he was laughing and snorting so bad and I could hear my husband doing the same in unison on the phone….