Needing glasses in the I think my eyes might be getter old as well department, always starts with denial.  First you hold what ever you are reading  further and further out in order to try to see.  Then secondly you squint your eyes to try to decipher the blurry ant letters on the page.  But when you are out with your friends and they start chuckling at you because your arms are now totally straight and your eyes are struggling to see over your hanging down frustrated frown line, then and only then do you concede and go buy some plastic fantastic spectacles.  I have been wearing cheap chemist ones for a few years now.  I have also contemplated getting prescription ones too but am still hanging onto the last  little bit of denial that says I’m not that bad after all.   A few weeks ago I got a new hairstyle.  I think I’ve just entered my brave stage in life.  Well maybe the “I no longer care what you think I look like I’m going to do it anyway,” stage.  It is really short and I call it my new funky hedgehog look.  I finally had the balls to make  the hairdresser do exactly what I told her to do.  Normally I shut up and leave without a fuss but today it was, “you cut all this, and yes that short and then leave this long strip alone and please, don’t touch my fringe“.   She knew I was serious as I had that look.  Once it was all cut she surveyed her artwork via the mirror and then she thought it would be a good idea to put her hand on my fringe and lift it up with scissors eagerly awaiting in the other.  Then she had the gall to ask without giving me eye contact, “Are you sure you don’t just want a little bit off?”  My response was a lion like growl that escaped without hesitation from my mouth and I also gave her a dagger look that showed her if you did it, I will react in an unladylike manner.  The message was received loud and clear, even if it wasn’t in English.  So the back is 3cm all over and spiked up with gel and the front is flat with the long piece that sweeps across in between the two.   Today sees me thinking I might dye that in between strip bright red.  It might suddenly look like the hedgehog has just became road kill but we will be brave and just go for it.  After all it is only hair and 28 washes in one day will get it out won’t it? Being a conscientious  person and overly thrifty with hubbys hard earned money, I thought I would use only half the mixtures and save the rest for next month.  So I carefully  mix the lotions together and simply dye the strip.  Fiddly work but I managed it without getting any colour on anything.  I set the timer  and go play on Facebook.  I did not want to look until it was completely done  because I was anticipating a huge wow factor at the end.  Once I am buzzer warned I go rinse and only then do I look in the mirror to suss out my new look.  I cannot see a red fuzzy reflection looking back so I am forced to find my eye ware.  Nothing!  There is no red strip.  What! There must be a fault then with the product.  I check the box and it says red so I check the 2 pottles I mixed together.  One says red dye and the other does not say activator.  Ooops  it says conditioner.  So much for penny pinching as everything is now a waste of time and money, no red strip and no new Granny look.  Yes, just another I should have gone to spec savers…..