Seeing things clearly is a gift until you can no longer either see it clearly or see it at all.  When my Dad died, he died wearing glasses.  When he was alive, one day he wasn’t wearing glasses and the next, he was.  The trouble is I cannot remember how many days or even years was the, he did and he didn’t because it didn’t matter to me.  He had black heavy rimmed ones that seemed to suit him but I’m not sure whether that’s because he was my dad and I loved him regardless or because they actually did look good on him. Glasses did not define who he was so I was not thinking ahead and warning my own self esteem that I most likely will be heading in that direction.    After fighting the blind fight that comes naturally with age, I am still trying to never wear them unless I have too. This 3rd spec saver moment  has chased me very closely behind 1 and 2 leaving me no room to even argue about whether I should seriously be getting a solid pair perched on my nose.  The glasses that you can buy at the chemist are really quite cute.  No way am I going near Dads taste in heavy black rims when I am offered pretty red patterns or  teal colour tones and even blues on blue. I am spoilt in variety and the only thing holding me back is my wallet.   I have found that I can afford to have a few pair in different areas of the house as when I just put them down somewhere you can bet when I need them in  a hurry that I cannot find them. Today sees me out of the house and doing my favourite op shop bargain buying. I have been to a few different stores and scored some really good deals.  I leave this shop with my handbag  and 2 plastic bags filled with my goodies and even though I  am clearly overloaded, I am joyous in my finds.  Now I get a text on top of my load so I have to try and find the “glasses”.  Searching quickly they are no where in my many pocketed handbag.  Love you dearly aunty for my handbag but a bag with 9 openings gets a person into a lot of trouble of where she put what.  The 9 openings have now been inspected twice whilst in carry mode and still no glasses, so I figure I must have accidentally put them in my stash of goodies.  Fumbling through them I still cannot find my plastic eyes and am not impressed with myself as this is the 2nd pair I have misplaced shopping this morning.  I reluctantly accept defeat and hope that there will be a mysterious pair hiding in the car somewhere. As I head towards the car I pass a large shop window so I take a sneak look at my reflection and realise I am not a pretty site.  Today I look like a real bag lady so I  make an instant attempt to suck it all in to improve that appearance causing me to hold my breath for as long as I can and it better be till I get to that car.  You convince yourself that someone might just look in your direction and stare at what flap falls where and what sag will win the “I saw you even though you were trying to hide” title.  With flaps and sags sucked temporarily into another dimension, I lean into the mirror reflecting window and pretend to look at something, so I can give myself a quick once over.  Come on, you all do it don’t you?  Just as I’m about to burst empty of air and return my body to a cross between Humpty Dumpty and a saggy African elephant together in a human suit, there I spot my glasses.   On my head! and not just one pair  but two pairs…….