This question would normally take me pages to explain as I love writing and all thoughts seem to pour out before I am aware that several hours have passed, the short novel is done and my house is still a pig sty. Then I panic as someone might suddenly visit or hubby is imminent at the end of his long hard “real” working day. So as much as it causes me severe mental pain, I will strain the thoughts and try to be ever so brief. Right now as I sit at my favourite spot, I am a wife, a mum, a Nana and all the rest of it just like you. I have inlaws and outlaws along with friends and yes, enemies. People who love me and would do anything for me and then those people who would happily rearrange my facial features if they could run faster than me and most can . One day life is amazing and the next, well somebody better not ping that last nerve or look out. Follow me on my daily intriguing way I mentally look at life and the happenings around me.   I can promise you a mixture of laughter, wisdom, thoughts and all other manner of mixed emotions in no particular order.   psst   just do your housework first…….