I was looking after a sick grandchild overnight and it was a long night of broken sleep. At my age interrupted sleep was starting to be the norm but one would think I might be just about be used to it but no, I am still struggling to adjust. Hopefully that means I am still more on the young side than I am sliding down the old side. I will make full use of the “Nana nap” invention.

Today would definaltey see one happening later on in my house for sure but right now, I needed to get one grandchild off to school. It was brush your hair time and she asked for help to get her hair in one place for a pony tail. The little whispy bits were deciding to go which ever way they pleased this morning so being in a hurry I asked Grandy if she wanted some hairspray to help hold them all together for at least part of the day?

“Yes please Nana,” came the response so off I went to get my hairspray. I put it down right where she was at and proceeded to finish tidying up the stray hairs. After covering her face and ears with my hand I picked up the hairspray and sprayed away.

“Ahhh Nana. That smells funny,” she said causing me to look at the can in my hand. It was my black can of hairspray so what was the problem?

Then I instinctively looked back to where I had picked the can up from and there the hairspray was still sitting. Confused I looked at what then was in my hand. . Ooops. A can of Black Flag Fly Spray that just happened to be sitting right beside the hairspray.

“There shall be no flies on your head today Grandy.” I proudly announced………