Oprah came to Auckland New Zealand and I got to go see her. I know I am soo lucky and do not take my husband’s generousity for granted although I did just tell him umm I got me a ticket to Oprah oops.  She was inspiring and that was the reason I went.  To be inspired.  To turn up the volume in my life.  Okay so not the noise racket I make but to turn my life up to impact those who cross my path. Well a lady crossed my path last night that I could quite easily have released a years worth of wrath upon.  Aunty and I were close to the front going into the arena from outside but got halted at the doors of the main area until security of the inner room and been finished.  I was first in line.  Woo hoo. I never been first in line before so when the lovely lady told me to have a seat because it would be another 10 minutes, I declined.  “But I’m first,” I excitedly said.  “I will happily wait just so I can say I was first through the doors”.  She understood and laughed at my 5 year old giggles not realising I could add another 50 yrs onto them easily.  All was going well.  I chatted with my Aunty and also some lovely ladies who were behind us.  The line grew to 100s and 100s but I stood my spot and puffed my chest out with as much 1st place pride as I could.  15 minutes passed but no one was complaining.  Suddenly a lady 3 times my dress size did the unspeakable.  She came out from no where and stood in front of me!  I looked at her and she says to me “I’ve been here since 5 o’clock and I was here first but I’ve been sitting on the seats over there”.  There was nothing nice about the way she said it and me with normally  many words to say back, couldn’t find any due to the shock of it all.  I think I stuttered out “Ummm so have we”.  I turned my back on her to face towards the queue and they all had that, did that just happen look.   The door guard lady was a sweet pensioner whom we had been laughing and having fun with for all this time.  Suddenly size 20+ says something mean to her so I HAD to turn around and put my 10 cents worth in.  “You have pushed in front of everyone.  I don’t care if you chose to sit down.  We chose to stand and wait so don’t tell me you were here first.”  I did say it nicely because I didn’t want to embarrass Aunty or the queue watching.  I turned back to face the queue so my mouth wouldn’t accidentally say anything else and she says loudly behind me “Oh someone has an attitude aye miss pinky?”  Yes I had a pink cardigan on so I knew the daggers were for me.  *I spun around and rugby tackled that cow to the ground.  The thud shook the whole building.  Her false teeth chattered across the floor and her perfect hairdo cushioned her face as it slam dunked the concrete.  I grabbed her arms and twisted them up her back and sat on her like I was about to do a cage fight manoeuver that hadn’t been invented.  Then I rolled her over and  hog tied both legs with her skirt and proceeded to stick her handbag in her  ……. *    Sighhh,  all of that happened inside my head only.  I politely stood and faced away from her and kept saying under my breath Better not Bitter  Better not BITTer  BETTER not BITTER!!  Why did I have to be tested so soon.  Once the doors opened I let her strut off to glorious first in and I just prayed that she was not going to be sitting next to me as I was struggling to control the steam coming out from my ears.  There was a little haha got ya smug look on my face as she sat down in row 50 something while I kept walking all the way up near the front.   My bad?