This car of my Auntys is quite a nifty little thing despite the 4 door trauma it has caused me. At the moment I am renovating a cousins cottage so I am using this car to travel back and forth because it is very light on petrol usage. Whilst I was still discovering it’s small charms, I thought I would use it to go into town to get some more cottage supplies and while I am in there I may as well do some grocery shopping. You know what it is like, one thing leads to another so today we will combine and try to do a one stop shop wonder. I have Grandys with me as well so my first priority is to stash the precious cargo in their boosters and assume all else will fit in the boot. It is a very small boot but I think it will be suffice. A few hours later sees a lot of possessions that I have bought, on the front seat and also stacked around on the floor deliberately leaving the tiny boot for the groceries. I will need all the space I can for the weekly food muster. Once I have towed unimpressed 2 legged tired creatures around the supermarket we head for the boot of the car. Grandys take their Nana only buys treat and buckle themselves into safety while I attempt to unload. Yes, they climbed in the newly discovered “back doors” themselves without gymnastic movements. I only leaned in the front myself to find the button to lift the boot. Hmmmm. I cannot see where it is. Telling myself that I am not silly nor thick, and it MUST be here somewhere, I continue looking but try as I might, I can not find it. Going back to the boot to inspect it closely I find there is a key hole in the handle bit to which I . Nothing, so I try again but still, it will not release, push in or hint at being liftable. Maybe there is a pull lever under the seat like in my car. Nope. Nothing is available to latch onto and pull with exhausted happiness. The nagging of hurry up Nana does nothing to help my rising frustration and I certainly do not want to admit I can’t find a simple button or open a simple boot. 4 minutes later I have to verbally confess that Nana can’t get into the boot. Dare I txt Aunty and ask where this next magic button is. No waaay. After a good 6 minutes of putting in key, twisting it nowhere, pushing a button that refuses to push and searching for a miracle right under my nose, I decide it is far too hot for anyone and make an executive decision to put all the groceries on the back seat. I am desperate. Grandy 1 is ordered to take her booster into the front after major reshuffling of the bought items and Grandy 2 is ushered over to one side in the back so I can start unloading. I grumble and mumble while trying to deal with my boiling anger issues because it is suddenly getting worse. I have forgotten to get any shopping bags. Right now I am over it and I don’t care so all items are placed in a mass pile beside happily munching away Grandy unaware Nana’s steam is now at boiling point. Job done and trek home done in as safe a manner as I can. Only a few items have decided to shift their position but nothing fell out or was squashed beyond recognition. I was content even though I now knew that unloading was now going to be a bigger job than what should have been already prepacked in bags.. Once at home I opened the doors ( all four of them) and we all fell out of the loaded up white blob. I gave a huge sigh of relief and vowed once again to not underestimate this cute white menace. Now that I am about to unload and the personal attack of my mental well being has passed, I dare to txt Aunty and ask how the HECK you open the beep beep boot. Her response, after hysterics was to just unlock and it should push in and lift. “But I’ve tried it 5 times. I’ve tried push, pull, lock, unlock, Ive hunted for button and levers. I have tried everything,” I wail with a hot flushed face she cannot see nor see the tears trying to build up proving I am nothing more than a menopausal old geezer who can’t do a simple task. “See” I tell her as I lock the car again and unlock it then walk around to the boot to prove my point that it wont budge….. It opens. Just like that

“Did it open?” she asks interrupting the silence. It took all the strength I had in me to muster up a stupid yet audible clear sounding pip squeak “yes” ….. I so hate this economical go anywhere cute looking car.