So I have Grandies with me and have just finished rugby training with their mum tonight. Two rounds of standing in the wind and rain to finally be tucked in the car to go home. Nana I’m busting are not the words I need to hear once I have left the rugby rooms. Since 1 is adamant she wants to spend her tooth money at the warehouse for a gift for her school friend I decide toilets at the warehouse will do. We stand outside the ladies for 5 minutes. No kidding. 5 minutes. I hear the toilet flush 3 times and look at Grandy 1. She is thinking the same as me. They doing a poo aye Nana. Yep those are poo flushes honey. So finally the door opens and out comes “someone” along with a whiff and she goes “ow sowwy it block” Funny how 2 Grandy and 1 Nana all roll eyes together without having to say a single word.   Reality quickly returns when another,  I’m busting Nana could be heard.  I know honey, we will have to use the mans toilet just DONT TOUCH ANYTHING.  In we reluctantly go to the man cave and there we face the white throne with broken seat and yellow wee all around the base. How could I do this to my Grandy but I force the heaving stomach movements back down and brave up a huge storm and assure them it will be okay but just let Nana lay down the V first.  The V we ladies all know is the toilet paper laid down on the seat so that nothing of ours touches nothing of yours.  I try to do a double layer since after all we are in a testosterone enclosure.  Have I locked the door properly Nana she asked and I look to see the red showing on the latch so nod a yes response.  I guide her to her royal paper trail and she promptly attempts her intentions.  Suddenly the door is opened and Grandy is horrified letting out small screams and the man apologizes at the same time Nana nearly jams his fingers in the door.  I’m sorry I say as I lock it properly and the poor busting victim sleeks away.  This makes Grandy on the throne take longer than it should while she tries to relax.  Grandy 2 is  totally amused by everything but assures me there is no way she needs to go. I’m pretty sure she is simply disgusted with the whole scene and vows to never pee anywhere again. She stands close to the wall while we wait for the noise of completion.  Suddenly another loud knock on the door happens and I promptly reply and in a very deep male voice “IM IN HERE”  Grandy 1 instantly cracks up on the toilet almost adding to the flow pile on the floor. Grandy 2 squeals with utter delight with Nana’s new man voice causing her to step back and rest against the wall to help steady her uncontrollable laughing.  Suddenly the hand dryer that she unknowingly stands under is activated and goes off with its warmth and loud roaring sound and she screams blue murder as she leaps away and into the yellow chaos, dunny girl screams because her sister is screaming and Nana has to immediately cross her legs because she is laughing so hard that she might make a new pile of her own.  If we have made it out of Yellowstone park without any nasty infections then I will be ever so grateful…….