My acknowledgment that I need to buy permanent objects of visual enhancement to sit on my nose is now upon me.  I cannot deny my hopeless excuses anymore.  The silly things I do on a daily basis is getting ridiculous.  I have to suck up that thing called pride and just do it to save not just my sanity but also for those around me.  Although I’m pretty sure they are all having a good laugh at my expense.  I think I have tripled that hat trick several times over so it is time I have to make that dreaded appointment with an optometrist.  Friday of the following week finds me patiently waiting for my turn in the confession booth.  I am tested with the ugliest pair of heavy rimmed alien looking glasses that I have ever seen.  The lovely lady tells me they are built like this so that they can easily switch lenses to make sure the correct ones are what I end up with once the elimination process is finalised.  You will be so pleased selfies are not something I do anyway and today would not have been a good day to start.    It did not take too long to sort out what prescription my lens would be but then I had to choose what glass frame I would prefer. Now this was a whole new ball game as these things not only were going to make me see better but also needed to look half decent on my face.  Thinking ahead to this moment I had pre invited my daughter in law to this visit as I valued her input immensely.  So glass frames were sorted and lenses sorted and a few other issues saw me eagerly awaiting my phone call to come and trial the spectacles in a weeks time.  Visit 2 sees me trying them on and getting them personally fitted to the shape of my head.  Visit 3 sees me revisit as I am not coping too well and to be honest, can’t see a blimmin thing.  I don’t know if my expectations are too high or whether I have picked the wrong frame  Sadly I need a 4th visit as I am still struggling and I have now ordered photochromic lenses.  I simply cannot see anything on my computer and think I look like a snobby upturned nosed posh person who appears  to look like they are trying to see life through a telescope.  Well that’s how I explain it to them. So on this 4th visit I park in the same row and almost in the same spot as the last 3 visits.  Each time I have brought along my daughter in law and grandson to repeat this yawning process of fixing glasses with a dash of yummy lunch and gorgeous family time.  I’m sure spec savers are just as sick of me as I am of all the travel.   My new pair of photochromic lenses are in my possession and it is a quick adjustment before we start the 45 minute trek back home.  We are half way home and just getting up into the 100ks allowed on the motorway when I hear a flap flap flap on my windscreen.  Tucked under my passenger wiper and down where you would never see unless doing this high speed, is something orange and white.  “Oh my gosh,” I declare. “That looks like  a ticket”.  We discuss the possibility until I can no longer stand it and pull over on the motorway and make my daughter in law get out and retrieve it before it blows away and either of us ever knew if it was a ticket or just an invite to something neither of us would care to go to.  Once in the car she announces that it is a ticket for a Parking Breach Notice.  I have exceeded a park time of P90.    Really!  and of course I did not see a P90 anywhere with or without glasses.  I have since challenged this and I have been given not 1 but 3 very clear pictures of my car not close to a P90 sign but parked right next to the P90 sign.  My excuse of going to spec savers to get glasses would surely be a lunch room laughable offence for all enforcement officers.  So for my blind doozy, that will be $50 dollars please.