I hate grocery shopping but it used to be at least a pleasant ish experience. When all 4 sons were home along with the mere male hubby, the food trolley would be stacked super tall and in creative ways with purposely placed items so that I could fit the mass amount of food it took to feed those said males with their always extremely high hungry levels. I would get stopped at least 5 times in that hour with “wow” and “I bet that will cost a lot?” to “Oh is that a months worth?” I would always answer “No, just a week. I have 5 males you see…” and that would start the sympathy and adoration rolling in. Kind of like a new mother taking her gorgeous baby out for the first month. All the goo’s and gaa’s and smiley strangers wanting to touch your precious cargo. I however never got them wanting to touch me, sigh, or even helping me, but it was pretty cool being slightly different. Nothing like getting your love tank filled via hearty slaps on the back and “you can do it” encouragements. Today sadly has been just like the last few months and it has been absolutely downright horrible. I go in and I go out. My trolley is only half fill.  No one smiles at me, no one encourages me and NO ONE helps me. I get NO ATTENTION on any level whatsoever. It is so disgusting I may as well start using those little half ones…..