Ahhhhhhh hitting a tough time..want chocolate..want sweets…want anything that looks like it is wrapped in sugar. I read an article today that said chocolate will be like caviar in 2020 because we are running out of cocoa trees and here I am trying to quit now. Am I mad? Probably but I will carry on and try not to lick any wrappers I see lying around from someone elses discard 🙁  …… ps I got caught stealing 4 milk lollies from a free for all bowl in Mega mitre today.  I tried so hard to slap my hand with the other but before I knew it 3 were in my bag and 1 was unwrapped and forced in my mouth before I could say NO!  I did hover over the thought of tipping the whole bowl in my bag but  calmly walked away as I wiped the drool going down my mouth.  Ahhhh that lolly and the subsequent 3 tasted so BLIMMIN good. shhh no one tell my herby lady