We have a new puppy pending. Needless to say we are very excited even though it is still so close to loosing Mac.  It is also a bit eery as the puppy looks very much like Mac but is a female.  Dogs of this exceedingly good lineage line don’t come along on offer to mwah every day so I am not going to miss this opportunity to purchase.  Of course we are not puppy proof anymore and this has caught us of guard so this weekend sees hubby and I redoing the dog area.  We have decided to redo a fence and move the kennels which is a huge job but with 2 days to do it, it  should be okay.  When I say we I mean, I have decided what needs moving and hubby is doing it because I said so.  I leave him to do the heavy ripping of the fencing job and I go to do the water blasting side of things.  All kennels and the long dog deck run get their summer clean look via my water blasting frenzy.   Everything must be clean and spic and span for when puppy is old enough and big enough to be trusted to be left out on her own for play time.  It only takes me a few hours  of water play so I am finished long before hubby and ask him if there is anything else I am able to help with.  I am told not at the moment so I leave him hammering away until he wants my assistance.  Finally I get a call that I am required.  I get all excited and race down to have my turn at either  wielding the hammer or giving my expert opinion on what I deem to be the perfect solution.  He is trying to nail a long rail of new fencing between 3 posts but the middle is proving to stay a little too high up and curving the wrong way.  “What can I do?   What can I do?” I excitedly ask.  I am sooooo  gutted to find my job is to SIT on the railing to make it sag into place.  My weight is all that is needed thank you very much….