The new decor is upon us.  Things have been moved around and shuffled into different places so that it all looks good and is all appropriate for maximum benefit. I’ve shimmied the sofa to a new spot.  I’ve brought in extra linen and towels.  I’ve done over the bathroom, put toys up and away and only left those that are suitable for the new decor to experience.  I’m sure it is now all in order for the new four paws to nibble, scratch, chew or pee on.  Yes.  The puppy.   It has arrived in a bundle of gorgeous yellow fluff and looks like it will never do anything wrong.  Those big brown eyes look lovingly at me and its tail flickers madly to try to put a spell on me to never growl under any circumstances.  Puppy has to remain inside for a little while as she is only 7 weeks old hence why furniture is moved so it can guard my carpet. The half of the house I have allocated to a puppy is tiled and can be kept clean should there be any hiccups or should I say slip ups.  The linen is suitable for a dog to destroy or leave smells on.  At this end of the house there a toilet available and a spare large bathroom to which I have dedicated for sleeping head quarters.  About 4 days after arrival of said bundle I was caught short down this end of the house and went to use the toilet where I discovered I had left the door open.  What a sight.  Toilet paper everywhere and the container for spare toilet rolls was tipped over and destroyed and the toilet mat was nowhere to be seen.  As I was busting to do business I just had to do my thing and be ever so grateful that amongst the white massacred chaos, there was a roll of toilet paper safely left on the holder.  It wasn’t long before I was onto the paper side of things and realised whilst using it that the roll had a nice pattern through it that I could feel.  Hmmm that is not like miss budget me to buy the expensive wavy stuff that you pay extra just to look good.  Where I am putting you does not need to be pretty but just needs to do its job and do it well. I finish the job convincing myself that I must have grabbed an expensive roll by mistake when shopping.   I decided to have a  close inspection while exiting the new snow wonderland only to find the roll meticulously patterned with teeth marks. Hundreds of them in manic order……. 10 points for puppy making me think my shopping skills were below par and 0 points for me using said paper on such an important undercover mission….