My smooth transition is upon me. Taste this my cousin goes and hands me a chocolate smelling perfectly filled glass of something I can only assume is naughty and that she is deliberately being cruel to me but since I am in my new brave mode and will try anything she hands me,  I swallow a good mouth full. Hmmmm yum I declare. It was really nice and had a nice mint kick to it so it did not take any hesitation to down the remnants of the glass. What I should not have done after I struggled to get my tongue around the remaining droplets was ask what it was.  I should have just licked the chocolate moustache clean of my face and stayed in the dark knowledge wise.  I was gobsmacked to find there was mass amounts of Spinach, a few mint leaves, a dollop of cottage cheese, 1/4 avocado, small amount of almond milk, half a banana, lots of water and a few ice cubes plus a good scoop of cocoa. I just ate a chocolate smoothie that was in fact spinach laden….really and it was so easy.  What is happening to me?  Do I need saving?  Actually I’m quite liking this new smooth ride… bring it on