So my fat flush has arrived.  Upon inspection it looks like some form of powdery thing.  I look at it deeply with expectant expectations and wonder if it will truly flush it all away.  My mind knows that in reality nothing is going to flush the fat away or we would all be skinny and moaning because our bones poke out or we rattle in the wind.  Are we not a miserable moaning species?  It’s too hot.. It’s too cold..  I like summer.. I like Winter..  Well I like being alive so I don’t care what the season is or the temperature but I do care about these little fat particles that someone thinks they have permanently loaned me.  News Flash!  They are coming back and I’m using this Fat Flush stuff to flick back that which is not mine.  I follow the instructions and down my first dose.  No dry retching and no bad after taste so maybe just maybe I can do this.  On ward and upward for me and hopefully downward for the fat cells.  (oops is that another pun) I’m staying close to home for the next 24 hours as I have no idea what is going to happen to my body and I don’t want to have to apologise to any one for anything that may happen including body parts gurgling, possible unforced sounds escaping and fast exit requirements.  Oh the lengths we go to, to try some new promised recipe or remedy….