Its been a few days since I started flushing.  I am pleased to announce that I did not need to stick to home base in case of the unexpected.  Life as been sweet and flowing just fine with not much change in the wind.  Lucky we both know I’m not talking about sailing a catamaran.  So far no one would know what I was up to except me in my twice a day new ritual.  I don’t know what is happening or how it is happening but shhhh something is happening.  The “scale” is on the decline and no doubt if they could talk they would be breathing a huge sigh of relief that their load is finally getting lighter.  Not mega or major but more a mini movement and that is a good thing.  Small gains mean a big end picture and more chance of keeping and sustaining that end picture.  I am now almost used to this cold turkey status and I am surprised at how quick my body has adjusted.  Yes I desire some of the old things and I have snuck the odd treat but the taste is different now and the satisfaction of sneaking this treat, is no longer there.  I wish I had done this years earlier.  So many times we give up when relief or the answer is just around the corner.  We stop short of the finishing line not really knowing it is just in reach and we need to acknowledge that just because we cant see it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.    If I said let’s do 3 days of deep headachy, body screaming life changing withdrawal detoxing,  then you would all think no way but if I put it into a bigger time frame like 3 days of withdrawals and 2 weeks of easy sailing,  you all would probably jump aboard.  That is why it is so important to have a plan or goal or give yourself some hope.  Without hope we are hopeless.  Not bothering to start or even attempt something new that could ultimately make my own personal life a better one, I can now see was my downfall.  Please don’t wait until you are as old as me and still trying to sort yourself out.  Oh I wish I knew what I know now back in my 20s.  Most things don’t matter and why did I waste time worrying about it in the first place.  We only go down this road once and I know I am over the half way mark.  As much as I hate to admit my own mortality, I’m closer to dust than when I took my first breath.   So onwards I flush and onwards I change that which I have done in habit my whole life.  I am NOT giving up now as the results are starting to boost my self esteem and the desire to be a healthier me is registering deep within…..