I will dye my world in only two shades today.  Black or white.  There will be no shades of grey in my head as grey for me is too undecided.  It forces a person to fluctuate and hover indecisively at the same time and leave you quite bewildered on the right choice to make.  Like sitting on the fence and not knowing which way you should go so today it’s black and white day.  Decision day.  Yet there shall be no dyeing on this blog today.  I am actually talking about the other word that sounds the same but has a whole new painful game plan attached to it.    I don’t like saying the word out loud because I am convinced that when someone looses weight, there are fat particles hovering in the universe just waiting for this person to accidentally breathe that word out loud, which in turn, gives those fat particles permission to come and attach themselves to where ever they choose on that unsuspecting dye it ers  anatomy.  Please don’t make me say it aloud as today my measure is upon me and my day of reckoning is here.  I don’t know where to start or what to start with but start I must.  I have waited a few more days than I already should have because as well as believing in my measure, I must also be in the right mind set to do this.  They link together for total success.   If you are not ready to do what you believe you are ready to do with your measure then failure again is a sure thing.  So with my head in the right place and my measure acknowledged, today is black and white day.  Cold turkey is lurking and I’m letting my gobbledy gook habits and my piggy slop ways run free to annoy someone else, while I totally dump my sugars and anything else that can be used against me.  The pain in my head is already being acknowledged because I know the next 3 days are critical to my measurable success.  Mummas got an agenda and I am ready so bring it on.  Now all I have to do is choose what dye avenue I will pursue.  I  believe that any dye it  works.  What ever you choose and what ever way you want to lose it WILL work if you stick to it.   Failure on a dye it is because we give up or cheat and then blame the programme but I am ready so choose I must.  I have acquired a new friend on Facebook.  She is the daughter of someone I know and have suddenly gotten to know a little better so of course I have friended her.  She is young and skinny and beautiful despite the fact she has just had a baby.  Normally I have evil thoughts in my head towards any skinny person having a baby and remaining skinny but Shae is too cute and too nice to ponder these thoughts.  There is something about her that is warming and draws out kind things in you.  She messages me and tells me she is starting Herbalife.  I have heard about that stuff and pretty sure I have taken that years ago.  We cyber chat for a while and before I know it I have committed myself to visiting and looking at it.    How did she get that commitment out of me so fast and so easy?  She is so good with her explanations and not only has she snuck into my head but she has drawn me into her new Herby world.  I guess that’s  because I am ready and she just happened to be right there in the right moment of time when my mindset was looking.  Herbalife, really?  Well why not?  I did say any dye it will work if you stick to it so why not help out a friend at the same time.  I have promised Shae to stop in and look at her product range soon as I have an existing appointment that passes her house.  So I am thinking to myself this could very well be my new path to take over the next few weeks but I am keeping an open mind and wont commit in a hurry.  On my way back from my appointment I am stuck behind a driver with a personalised number plate that reads LUZW8.  Hmm what liz has to do with anything I don’t know but then I see stickers all over her car saying Herbalife this and Herbalife that.  Then I suddenly click inside my old brain department that it reads lose weight on her plate.  Oh my goodness!  If that is not divine intervention and confirmation from above, then I don’t know what is, so I giggle my way to Shaes house.  Within minutes of talking to miss skinnyjusthadababy I am actually excited.  What is it with this young lady?  She has the gift of the gab and the faith in her product to have me purchase 3 items and get ready to start the next morning after my personal measure and weigh in and photos. PHOTOS!   Umm really.  I tell Shae I give permission for all her requirements as being accountable to her and her page is a good thing for my success but I will have to think really hard on the photo side of things. I leave with a promise that I will think about the photo side of it over night.  Displaying what ya mamma gave you and what you have happily added years too is a whole new level of “I don’t think I am ready to cross that line just yet”  I don’t think anyone is ready to see my over sized portions normally hidden behind material.  God bless the invention of material and no you can be assured I will never be in, or be seen at a nudist colony.  Tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow.  I can’t wait, I think ……..