What does it feel like to win Lotto?  Well I think I now know, as I’m sure I have just won.  This morning sees me putting away all the vegetables and fruit that I have bought for the week.  Monday dictates a busy day for me with continual renovations with my cousin’s house and I needed to leave in 10 minutes so I didn’t have a lot of time spare.  Somehow my mind forgot this huge fact and started to automatically clean the fridge as these items went away.  I get to the bottom of the fridge where 2 pull out draws are and where the spare butter and block of cheese normally live.  As I pulled the plastic draw open, I spy something brown and shrivelled up looking tucked away in the corner.  Eww and gross are my first instincts as I go and find my glasses that will reveal what it is, how long it could have been there and how bad my housekeeping skills are.  If I am lucky I might get to blame this one on someone else as I have had a full house lately.  I grab some wet wipes on my trek back to the unknown brown thing and wonder whether it was Aunty or my Cousin that had  forgetfully stashed something unheard of in a place I will never look at until a day like today comes upon me.   Glasses firmly on eyeballs and wet wipes in hand, I lean into the brown object bracing myself for the expected doggie poop scoop with possible entertaining purple hairy hairs of penicillin upon it.  That is when LOTTO STRUCK.  My eye sockets popped open so fast that my eyeballs nearly fell out.  My mouth was in an instant gaping astonished look. Drool was fast forming and beginning to roll out from the edge of said hanging mouth.  My heart was singing in utter excitement and weird noises were escaping from deep within.  There tucked in the corner was nothing foreign, nothing shrivelled, nothing purple and nothing alien in any shape or form.  There sat a marshmallow Easter egg in all its brown chocolate covered glory.  What did I do to deserve this?    How did you get there?  Who put you there?  Like I really care about those questions so I snatch up this little beauty and I take a whole 0.2 seconds to make sure I am not hallucinating and take a bite like this is my first and last meal ever.   It has been a short while since I have smelt, licked, sniffed or tasted chocolate and this little egg hits the golden spot of utter satisfaction in the 2 mouthfuls it took to devour the magnificent tasting tiny treat…….