I’ve never made a “New Years Resolution“.  It’s not that I’ve made them and failed but more of making a conscious choice of not making one so I don’t fail.  I hate failing in things even though I think it plays a small part in life’s learning curve.  Failure has a place (or bumps in the road is what I prefer to call them) in moulding and making us unique and help building us into who we are but it still hits the self esteem button regardless and you definitely need a whole bunch of good buddies around you to pump you back up again.  So soon into this 2016  fresh year saw me battling tachycardia yet again.  A heart arrhythmia that I suffer from.  I hate it but I don’t get a say in it.  It shows me I am not mortal and wont live forever.  The specialists tell me I am wired differently.  Most of my mates laugh and say too right and my enemies would say hurry up and drop dead but in a nut shell I am what I have been designed to be and whilst I’m here you better believe my mates far outweigh the odd “e”.  So with a rude, nasty health shake up, it saw me frantically making a new years resolution on a promise that if I don’t die I will try to stick to it.  Note I said try.   I personally don’t make promises I can’t keep.  I am the kind of person that if I say I will do it, you can bet I will.   So with a try equally and firmly snuck and stuck into that desperate resolution request, here am I confessing to all.  Sugar.  Chocolate.  Sweets.  Desserts.  You and I must part ways and quickly.  That was my, “I will try resolution”.  I believe you are connected to my heart that flutters uncontrollably.  In the last 3 weeks prior to the added Christmas chocolate surprises, I have succumbed to your temptations on too many occasions.  I have been unrestrained and self indulging and have not headed the warning signs clearly labelled in front of me.  I have also ignored the pre diabetic warnings the Dr told me about last year and lets not forget that last year was only days ago. Ooops.  There are so many other things food wise that I must start taking out of my diet but sugar seems to be outweighing it all in many departments so one has to start somewhere right?  I may not be a pleasant person to be around for a while so I am not going to tell my family as helping mum or wifey is not a normal male objective in this household.  Too long I have put up with the snorts, farts, burps, grunts and groans here on testosterone hill and quite simply blended in instead of trying to force a wee bit of soft girly stuff into their bones.  Never mind as its my dilemma and these are my thoughts in my head that have me in this kind of addiction in the first place so time to suck it up.  I also better make sure whilst sucking it up that there are no sweet morsels in that inhalation.  I refuse to say the word diet so I will just declare a changing of habits.  Wish me well as a day without something on the sweet side snuck in somewhere could well be the end of the world….