I have done my 10 days.  I have survived the Fat flush.  Some days I didn’t think I could continue and snuck an unofficial treat in, that I have not yet confessed to anyone but regardless of those weeny hiccups, I have kept on keeping on.  Family, friends and Herbie support have been vital.  A HUGE shout out to my cousin who has been the best food pit bull one could ever ask for.  I was privileged to have her and her hubby stay in my home the last few weeks thus being able to keep me on track and opening my eyes to a whole new world of alternative food available to eat.  Things I never thought I would eat, I have now consumed.  Some, but not many, were spat out accompanied by contortioned facial expressions but most were downed with an eye popping wow factor.  My biggest hurdle I found was trying something new as  instinctively I would say “No I don’t like that”, even if I had never tried it in my life before.    That bad habit didn’t take too long to break once I tried a few new foods and liked them.   My cousin had this unique way of slipping acceptable thoughts into my head to make me want to try.  A good example was one day she was pan browning something for tea and handed me this little round morsel and said try this its like a mini roast potato,  So I took it in faith and ate it and went yumm without thinking.  It turned out to be a chick pea.  I love you now chick peas and when you were dished up in a plate loaded with a variety of beans and some seed thing’s, I suddenly loved you all.  You might think I have been secretly brainwashed but with measurements being done right now, if they are down and I have lost weight then Cuzzy keep those ideas coming.   Most times I have stuck to a Herbalife shake for 2 meals and 1 healthy choice food meal (made by my cousin) plus I have had two other healthy snacks morning and afternoon.  There has been plenty of food with complete satisfaction going in and my body has  not complained much at all.  So what are my results and was this all worth it?

Arm – no change
Chest – 2.5 cm down
Waist – 11 cm down
Hips – 3.5 down
Leg – 4 cm down
Weight – 4.4 kgs down
Oh my freaken chickpeas and spinach infested brain is exploding with excitement.  My Herbie lady is so excited for me.  (Thanks Shae) That’s  21cms of total body fat loss.  I am NOT apologising to whomever has sucked up that discarded fat because mumma is stoked.  This gives me a much needed boost to continue in my new chapter.  I have been warned, smoothies are around the corner and I am going to try them.  Shhh I might even be a wee bit excited