I clearly heard it, right out from the mouth of my grandchild.  I shall never forget it and will savour every announced word of that one beautiful clear sentence.

We have Labrador.  She is a puppy but she is a huge puppy for a Labrador.  Brooke is a gorgeous, boisterous,  bouncing bundle all wrapped up  in one furry blonde  lump.  Roll on age 2 when this hyper puppy stage subsides and hopefully a less knock you over docile 4 legged pet will emerge.  I love her to pieces but she can be a handful.  So back to her size.  Brooke is not fat but just born a big boned girl.  Now if anyone said that about me then they had better be an Olympic runner.  Well, they might be safe as I would  have to also be an Olympic runner to catch them in order to rearrange something on them, so right now they are deemed safe.  Brooke is allowed to be big boned.  I am hoping those big bones will carry some fur babies down the breeding line but in the mean time she is big for 10 months old.  My grandchildren were watching her sitting on the deck.  When she sits her back legs slide matrix slowly apart as they slip on the smooth deck boards.  One minute you are looking at her sitting there and the next minute she is doing doggy splits.  Today she was sitting facing away from us and watching the glorious world from her prime Lion King position but her legs had already  spread into that wide unladylike position.  She looked butt HUGE.  Sorry my fur-girl but you did.  So much so that the grandchild had to pass a comment. “Nana look at Brookes big butt,” Grandchild announced.  “It is huge Nana.  She is fat aye Nana?”  “It’s just how she is sitting honey,” I replied trying to defend another females self esteem regardless of her species.  Grandys matter of fact response was simple “It’s okay Nana.  It’s bigger than yours.” ……….