Grrrr.  I have so been fighting that S word and no I don’t mean sugar.  Well I guess I still am on the sugar level personal home front situation but today S stands for s p a m .  I don’t even want to spell it in case it alerts every spammer on the universe to come and bog my blog.  We seriously had it under control and then over night it’s like the spam heavens (oops I spelt it) opened up.  No I’m not interested in personally enlarging  my penis as I don’t have one and no I am not interested in how you make your tee shirts or if my dog would like some improved version of dog biscuits.  Definitely not interested in everyone’s psychic abilities and I will choose when and if I ever have cosmetic surgery. I’m sure I don’t want car parts for my blog to run smoothly nor do I want hacking tools to get into clash of the clans.    And by the way, thanks for all the nice comments about how well the blog looks then dumping me from puffed up cloud 9 to realise you are a computer and you really don’t care about spamming all over me.   If I had a nasty streak I would retaliate and send you ALL 1000s of ways to beat constipation ( I swear I am not) 1000s of ways to have flat abs ( I know I don’t have those) 1000s of ways to eat chocolate (hmm yes I think I know them all) and Id just love to send you 1000s of virus’s to clog your wheels and stuff up your keyboard.  Then I will send cyber water through to your screen, apologise and pretend that I care.  Looks like my imagination is going haywire from spam stress so you spam bloggers are so lucky that I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to do any of that anyway.  Thank goodness my daughter in law knows how to smack down the likes of you and has broken my 3 days of rolling continuous harassments.  Now I can concentrate on the other “s” issue.  Still struggling, still conquering but still not had any chocolate or lollies.  Ooops I tell a lie.  I was offered 1 piece of delicate homemade chocolate whilst at my Aunties house.  I initially said no thanks then I looked at that poor tiny morsel and knew it needed to slither into a new container so I said okay, why not.  You will be so proud of me as there was hesitation of at least 4 seconds between the no and the yes please.  BUT, I am still being very good despite the withdrawals and yes, I still need to kick some more things off that going south list and very soon.  That will be my next confessional update once my spammed head has cleared